How to Save your Expenses with Expense Management Software

Businesses trips don’t have the same appeal as a family holiday to an exotic faraway place, but that merger isn’t going to happen on its own. Fourth quarter earnings were lower than projected and the budget is tight. You can forget leg room, first class flights have been strictly reserved for the CFO and CEO.

A tighter budget will have an impact on your trip, but you don’t have to sleep in a Travelodge off the motorway to get by with the finances you’ve been given. On the other hand, don’t expect a stay at the Ritz Carlton. There are ways to travel comfortably while keeping costs to a minimum. Choose a hotel with a solid breakfast and track your expenses with ExpenseIn. Here are a few other smart suggestions.

Low fares made simple

That’s Ryanair’s slogan, and while their seats are as about as comfortable as riding in the back of a sports car, most destinations in Europe can be reached within an hour or two. It would be wise to save on the flight, and spend a little extra on a comfortable hotel. While advanced bookings can’t always be made, booking on a Tuesday six weeks before the flight is recommended to save money.

Finding the best accommodation

Not all destinations are spectacular, if you’re meeting will be held at a business centre it might be worth booking a hotel nearby. Take your shuttle straight from the airport to the hotel and cut out additional travel costs like bus and metro. If you don’t know your way around town those can become quite expensive. Besides, it really is a luxury to let go right after an exhaustive meeting.

Keep track of those expenditures, you may get them back

A business lunch isn’t cheap when you want to make an impression, but it is tax deductible. Expense management software like ExpenseIn can help you easily keep track of deductible expenses. All you have to do is use the app to take a photo of the receipt. From there, it’s captured and saved to the cloud, at which point it is safe and accessible, with no chance of it getting lost at the back of a bedside drawer.

When in Rome

This advice is more about where to go when you have some personal time. When it comes to eating well on a budget, ask the locals. A favourite hangout spot will likely not cost a fortune and will often have the best food around. Venture out when you have time, as business centres often have boring, overpriced restaurants designed around business lunches.

Some bosses offer incentives to employees who stay within the budget, or consider rolling over the budget if money was spared. Get together with the team and hear their suggestions, there are many ways to make business travel pleasant, even when on a tight budget.

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