IFA 2018 in Berlin – Internationale Funkausstellung Tech Event in Europe

IFA, or the Internationale Funkausstellung is the biggest tech event in Europe.  It is started today, 31st  August, 2018. Being held in Berlin, the show will go on till September 5, a hot-spot for big companies to launch and announce their high-tech projects.

IFA started back in 1924 as a radio convention, and now it’s one of the largest tech shows. IFA 2018 is open to the public now, and some of the biggest announcements including the first 8K commercial TV were made so far.

The latest IFA 2018 at Berlin is underway, and some of the biggest tech companies have already launched their latest innovations. Here are some of the top announcements made so far at the IFA 2018.

First Commercial 8K TV

The Future of TV is here as the resolutions get higher with bigger screens. Four times the current 4K ultra high definition (UHD) screens, IFA 2018 set a benchmark with the first 8K TV sets. The first compatible content will reach viewers in 2020 during the Japan Winter Olympics.

Europeans Are Using Big TVs

At Europe’s biggest tech event, new statistics were revealed which showed that people in Europe are buying bigger TVs now, which has hit an average of 50 inches last year. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity has seen a massive rise as well.

Changing Earphone Trend

The current breed of the earphones are mostly wireless and come with Bluetooth connection. In the last two years, the trend of bulky Bluetooth headsets have grown in multiple folds, though again the trend is changing towards smaller earbuds for everyday use.

Thinning Laptops

IFA 2018 has so far seen some of the thinnest and lightest laptops ever. The 2018 IFA at Berlin has been more about the next-gen laptops than smartphones. The HDR monitors are increasingly becoming mainstream and the thinning size of laptops contributed to fall in demand of tablets by 18 percent last year.

Growing Pollution

Air Cleaners are gaining popularity, as the demand for air purifiers throughout the globe is rising at an high rate. Growing pollution has contributed to the sales of air purifiers among the worrying customers of pollution and smog.

Rise Of Small Home Appliances

Europe recorded 40 percent of the total global sales of combined small home appliances. Small home devices and appliances like dishwashers, light bulbs, networked home gadgets and voice controlled devices has been bought the most.

Virtual Reality

From low-end rigs to the top-end powerful headsets for gamers, VR is changing the world in its own way. IFA executive director Jens Heithecker said that the VR content production currently is slow, but it will grow as consumers start buying in large numbers.


The wearable gadgets to monitor health and fitness are now present everywhere as trackers on the wrists of children to the elderly. Though in Europe, very recently Germany banned a wearable aimed at children which allowed parents to activate a microphone and listen to what is happening on the playground.

Stay tuned, as we will soon share more updates from IFA 2018!

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