What women think when looking at a hot guy?|

What do women think when looking at a hot guy?

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Kirsten Jacob

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Kirsten Jacob, Standing on the shoulders of giants


“Wow, there’s a hot guy”.

Then I move on.  There’s a certain vibe – very difficult to explain – that makes a guy actually attractive to me.  It has to do with the way his inner qualities show through.  And it does not correlate at all with physical appearance – in fact I’d venture that the majority of generally considered ‘hot guys’ notably lack this vibe.

Without it, no amount of hotness in the world interests me at all; and when it is present, appearance is unimportant.


Well “a hot guy” could mean different things to different women- what I may find hot could be not so cool for someone else. It’s very personal. Women generally similar to men would look up a guy and comment on how good he looks. But most women that I know including myself would look at facial features first before the physique.

Standard thought is – wow good looks,and that’s it we women don’t go into details in our mind unlike some men- who  probably have her half way into the bedroom! ( in their minds of course). 🙂



Thought one: Wow. He is hot. Damn look at those arms and that smile.

Thought two : He is pushing me against the closest wall and kissing me passionately,ripping my clothes off. OMG.

Thought three: You have a boyfriend,stop being naughty!

Thought four: Don’t be silly boyfriend is imagining  worst things on daily basic.

Thought five : So ok, pushing on wall,ripping clothes,we are on it….


/THIS IS IMAGINATION !!! Not reality. This imagination last for about 10 seconds and it’s followed by,what I will cook for dinner,or that I should probably call my parents,and see how they doing.I have to add this here because some crazy man thought this is for real,and I actually have sex with the guy.!!! !!Double Face palm!! /

Ayushi Malik
Ayushi Malik, Just a curious introvert soul

16 things a woman go through when she sees a hot guy

● Wow he’s hot.
● Stares shamelessly.
● 6 or 8 abs?
● Maybe I could talk to him.
● Or I should just slide a note with my number in his pocket.
● What if he thinks I am not good enough.
● Maybe I am not his type.
● What if he likes me!
● OMG I will die out of excitement.
●  I wish I could date him.
● How exactly does it feel like to kiss him.
● Still staring shamelessly.
● Okay, I should stop now!
● Back to reality (realising I behaved no less than a potential stalker).
● Nevermind.
● He is too pretty to be single.

Maura Rudd

What do women think when looking at a hot guy?|what women notice |girl what see first in men

Maura Rudd, I’ve been around long enough to get an idea of how people tick.

Where was he 30 years ago?

Oh yeah, grade school. Never mind.

Neva Krauss
Neva Krauss, Model,Actress, Dancer, Public Speaker, Beauty Consultant

I get distracted and think wow he’s hot and I just want to keep looking.  I then think how great it would be to talk with him, touch him, kiss him, etc.



“Wow, he’s so hot!”

“Don’t even think about it, he’s way out of your league. Don’t look at something you can never have.”

And then I pretend he doesn’t exist at all.



I don’t usually think a sentence in my head, it’s more of a pleasing feeling like looking at anything beautiful like a sunset, but if I were with someone I might say, “He’s cute!” And I might look at him longer than usual, focusing on what it is I find attractive about him, like his eyes, smile, jawline, physique, style, etc. Guys tend to imagine hot girls Naked or imagine having sex with them but I, as a woman, never do that when I see a cute guy, even though I have a really high libido. I also don’t really ‘look’ so the guy would have to be interacting with me or in some way getting my attention in other ways first before I looked at him long enough to think he’s cute, and it’s also usually his personality or what he’s doing or saying that makes me think he’s cute. Honestly, there’s been too many times I initially thought a guy was cute and then he started talking and I was totally turned off and he became ugly to me, and the opposite too, like a guy I wouldn’t have thought was cute until he did or said something that forever made him cute or even sexy as hell to me.

What do women think when looking at a hot guy?|what women notice |girl what see first in men

What do women think when looking at a hot guy?|what women notice |girl what see first in men|monika singh|ankit gera|relationship with co- star

Shahbaz Khan
Shahbaz Khan, Seduction specialist

Beauty of all kinds are pleasing to eyes. They just do it for pleasure, it doesn’t mean they want to sleep with every goodlooking man.

Amber McNally
Amber McNally, Very in touch with surroundings and observant


It depends on their taste or what their into. Honestly, do what you like and what you think you’d look good with and the right guy will be drawn to you 🙂

Saurav Sar
Saurav Sar


They think everything that’s dirty. And probably leak like tap water.

What do women think when looking at a hot guy?|what women notice |girl what see first in men|Digangana Suryavanshi|Age|Height|Born|Personal Life|Boyfriend|Measurement|Status|big boss season 9|bra size|waist|
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