What is Google Question Hub? How to Apply Online Free?

Google Question Hub Tool is a Google-developed platform which mainly focuses on the unanswered questions on the internet. This is a tool which will be helpful for the blogger community to find out about the questions people ask often. Those questions are the ones which do not have a proper answer available.

As of now, this tool is only available in three countries. Those are India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Even in terms of Language, it is only focusing on English, Hindi, and Bahasa Indonesia.

In all the three above mentioned countries, there are people who have access to the internet but when it comes to the knowledge of the language, they lack that factor. They often end up typing questions in their mother tongues.

Talking about India Hindi is the most commonly used language. There is a portion of the whole population who are more comfortable in looking for their queries in Hindi.

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On the other hand, there are hardly any blogs who answer those questions in the Hindi Language. Therefore there is a gap which Google is trying to fill with the help of this tool.

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Same is the case with the other two countries. Indonesia and Nigeria, People are asking or looking for answers to their questions in their mother tongue. All those unanswered questions which are asked often are available on Google question Hub.

How to Apply Online Free

Here I have given the link to apply online Free

Why Should You Use Google Question Hub Tool?
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