Watch Badmashiyaan Movie Online

Watch Badmashiyaan Movie Online

Badmashiyaan is a 2015 Hindi romantic comedy film. The film is released on March 6, 2015.

The music composed by Bobby-Imran is not even hum-worthy. Considering that popular talents like Ankit Tiwari, Mohit Chauhan and Mika Singh have given their voices to the film, we expect a lot from the music department but it fails to register. One of the main reasons for it could be the fact that only one stanza of every song has been featured in the film.

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The dialogues of the film are laughable. The script written by Kushal Ved Bakshi is flawed, messy and illogical making the film a boring journey. Amit Khanna’s direction is way too flimsy and doesn’t do any good to save the fate of the film. Many scenes are long, trying to force humour that leaves you fidgety and distracted. Moreover, the costume designer (Abhilasha) does a very grungy job. While the characterization has not been kept into consideration during the designing, most of the costumes are too loud for the character or the occasion, especially that of Gunjan Malhotra.

A Good Movie to Watch.  Do u like the movie.  Give your comments.


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