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Mohali Stadium Seating Map

Below image is showing the Mohali stadium layout along with the seating arrangement, entry gates, stands and pavilions. All the major information about the stadium clearly depicted on the stadium map. All the lounges, VIP blocks, pavilions, nearby roads, parking are clearly shown on the map.

Mohali Stadium Seating Map | DNewsCafe

Restricted Items

Many of the items are on the prohibited list and visitors should not carry these items during the matches at Mohali international cricket stadium. Matchbox, cigarettes, tobacco products, lighters, helmets, coins, headphones, earphones, wires, water bottles, power banks, data cables, camera, binoculars, etc are banned inside the stadium. Visitors can only carry the wallet and mobile phones along with them. Baby food and items can be allowed inside the IS Bindra stadium after the proper checking. Visitors should not bring any unnecessary items along with them while going to Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Mohali.

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