8 Bollywood Celebs Who Fell Prey To MMS Scandals

8 Bollywood Celebs Who Fell Prey To MMS Scandals

With great stardom comes great controversy.

Here are eight Bollywood celebrities who unfortunately found themselves involved in the most talked about Bollywood MMS scandals:

1. Hansika Motwani
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After her Bollywood career failed to take off, Hansika found her stay in oblivion disrupted when an MMS featuring her lookalike bathing went viral.

2. Kareena Kapoor
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The actress may have proudly flaunted her size zero figure in a bikini in Tashan, but when an MMS of her supposedly going topless started doing the rounds, she drew the line.

3. Shahid & Kareena Kapoor
And the bad news didn’t end there. Kareena found herself courting MMS infamy again when a leaked clip of her & Shahid getting intimate in the bedroom surfaced.

4. Mona Singh
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Not many might remember, but Mona Singh found herself making headlines and for all the wrong reasons when she filed a complaint against a fan who sneakily uploaded a video of her roaming starkers in her house.

5. Ashmit Patel & Riya Sen
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For what it’s worth, Ashmit and Riya both found their fifteen minutes of fame when an MMS of them getting cozy broke the Internet.

6. Sherlyn Chopra
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Though she has in the past stripped for a magazine, model Sherlyn Chopra found her privacy unpleasantly invaded when an MMS was leaked of her changing in the bathroom.

7. Preity Zinta
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Hell hath no fury like Preity Zinta scorned. The actress was none too happy when a girl who bore a striking resemblance to the actress featured in a viral bathroom MMS.

8. Katrina Kaif
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Katrina was acquainted with the seedy underbelly of the virtual world when a supposed striptease featuring her lookalike began gaining popularity online.

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