WhatsApp admin will be watched true or fake|BE AWARE|BE ALERT|GOVT EYE ON WHATSAPP-FAKE

WhatsApp admin will be watched true or fake|BE AWARE|BE ALERT

सभी ग्रुप मैम्बर से निवेदन है कि कोई भी ग्रुप मैम्बरस् सोनिया ,राहुल ,मोदी , केजरीवाल या किसी भी राजनेता या राजनैतिक पार्टी का फोटो फारवार्ड मत करना ! *पुणे में एक एडमिन को 1 साल की जैल हुई है ! पुलिस वाट्सएप पर नजर रख रही है ! एक जरूरी सूचना, कृपया ध्यान दे……….! सभी को सूचित किया जाता हैं कि सायबर क्राइम ने सभी ग्रुप फोल्डर में निगरानी शुरू कर दी गयी है आपके द्वारा बनाये गए ग्रुप को या तो डिलीट करें या सदस्यों को चेतावनी दें ! किसी भी प्रकार के धार्मिक, राजनीतिक, सामाजिक, व्यवस्था को आहत करने वाले मैसेज या गंदे चित्र या विडियो नहीं पोस्ट करें। किसी भी प्रकार के व्यक्ति विशेष, व्यक्तिगत, जाति, धर्म, वर्ग, मूल, सम्प्रदाय, भौगोलिक क्षेत्र विशेष आदि पर आपत्तिजनक मैसेज ना भेजे ! यह एक कानुनी जुर्म हैं। मुम्बई में वाटसएप के एक ग्रुप में एक विडीयो और फोटो शेयर कर रहे 36 मैम्बरस् को साईबर क्राईम ने गिरफ्तार किया है। इस लिए सभी ग्रुप मैम्बरस् से निवेदन है ,कि ऐसे संदेशों से बच के रहे ! यह एक गैर जमानती जुर्म है ,इसमें 7 साल की जेल हो सकती है ! सूचना हेतु जनहित में जारी ? ज़रूर पढ़े ? एक ज़रूरी सूचना WHATSAPP पर लोग हिन्दू और मुस्लिम जाति पर COMENT कर रहे हैं। इस पर मद्देनजर रखते हुवे एक जाँच समिति बनाई गयी हे जिसमे जो व्यक्ति भी जात-पात या धर्म विषय पर कुछ भी गलत लिखेगा उस पर कोमवाद-धारा आय.पी.सी SECTION © 44~58 के तहेत कार्यवाही की जाएगी और उस का IP ADDRESS ट्रेक कर के उस के घर का पता लगाया जायेगा और बिना वारन्ट के उसे अरेस्ट किया जाएगा। और अगर ये मेसेज ग्रुप में होगा तो ग्रुप एडमिन को धारा 59 लग सकती है। *तो अगर आप ग्रुप एडमिन है तो ऐसे व्यक्तियो को ग्रुप से पहले ही REMOVE कर दें। जिससे आप पर कोई परेशानी ना आए। _______ इस मेसेज को हर ग्रुप और हर दोस्तों एवं संबंधियो को फोरवर्ड करदे जिससे सब का बचाव हो और सब सावधान रहे। ????????

WhatsApp admin will be watched true or fake|BE AWARE|BE ALERT|GOVT EYE ON WHATSAPP-FAKE

As per latest rumors coming in, Whatsapp is testing a new feature to detect suspicious links to spam, and fake news website.

It’s a fake news. There is no authenticity of this news. It’s totally a fake news spreading on WhatsApp.

Here are the details.

Now, the question arises, how will Whatsapp do it?

And whether any information would be sent to external servers?

Note here, that Whatsapp hasn’t yet officially confirmed this news.

Whatsapp New Salvo Against Fake News!
Wainfobeta tracks Whatsapp updates and new releases, has informed that a new suspicious link detected tool is being tested by Whatsapp.
As per them, this testing is part of beta version 2.18.204 for Android, which will be released soon.

This new feature will not send any information to any external servers.

How Will it Work?
Whenever any such link is shared which is originating from a spam and fake news website, then a red color warning label will be attached along with the link.

When the Whatsapp user attempts to open this link, then another alert will be shown, informing that the link has originated from a suspicious source.

While forwarding the link to a group or any other user, the alert shall be shown once again.

WAInfoBeta has stressed on the fact that no packet of information shall be sent to any external servers, and the suspicious link activity test shall be performed locally.

But how exactly, this has not been shared.

Whatsapp Under Fire For Spam, Fake News!
This is Whatsapp’s third major attempt to curb spread of fake news via their platform.

Last week, we had reported that Whatsapp is offering upto $50,000 grant to social scientists inorder to discover ways to stop the madness of fake news.

More than 30 people in India have been lynched after they read Whatsapp updates which later proved to be fake.

Besides, Whatsapp is also introducing a label for forwarded messages, so that the reader is more empowered with the knowledge regarding its authenticity.

Indian Govt. has already told Whatsapp that they will need to find ways to stop the spread of fake news, which is claiming innocent lives.

IT Ministry has already informed Whatsapp that it is not a rocket science to stop spread of fake news and some technological solution is feasible, if they want it.

We will keep you updated, as receive more information about Whatsapp’s anti-fake news and anti-spam initiatives.


From tomorrow onwards there are new communication regulations.

All calls are recorded

All phone call recordings saved

WhatsApp is monitored

Twitter is monitored

Facebook is monitored

All social media and forums are monitored

Inform those who do not know.

Your devices are connected to ministry systems.

Take care not to send unnecessary messages

Inform your children, Relatives and friends about this to take care

​​Don’t forward any posts or videos etc., you receive regarding politics/present situation about Government/PM etc.​​

Police have put out a notification termed ..Cyber Crime … and action will be taken…just don’t delete …

Inform your friends & others too.

Writing or forwarding any msg on any political & religious debate is an offence now….arrest without warrant…

This is very serious, plz let it be known to all our groups and individual members as group admin can b in deep trouble.

Take care not to send unnecessary messages.
Inform everyone about this to take care.

Please share it; it’s very much true. Groups please be careful.


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