Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra size

Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now

Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra size
Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra size

Most women wear the wrong undergarments. Yes, it’s true… you might very well be ignorant of this fact till date… in fact what is shocking is that you might yourself be wearing a wrong sized bra right now!! Are you feeling the need to push the strap slightly, or are you pulling the band around your back… or is it the cup size that haggles you??
Wrong Bra Size

The statistics say that around 85% of women wear wrong bra. It raises the chances of your being one of these women who unwittingly selects the wrong bra size and silently face problems like these and a few more.

Don’t believe me…. let me tell you the unsparing signs that prove you wear a wrong bra.

Is your answer to any of these questions is a yes??

  • Do the cups bunch up?
  • Does the bra band rides up?
  • Do your straps dig in your shoulders?
  • Does your bra makes your back bulge up?
  • Does the under-wire constricts your breathing?
  • Does that quadra-boob syndrome happen to you to??
  • Your breast bone and under-wire do not stay together.

Does any of these ring a bell… yes, well.. you are wearing the wrong bra my dear!! Facing  any of these problems with your bra and struggling with it to comfy yourself is reason enough to go and shop for new pair of bras ASAP!

Now let me tell you what a yes to any of these mean. Take a look-

  • Cups size is too big!
  • Your bra band is bigger
  • Its the small cup size
  • Its the small band size
  • The cup size is small
  • Again Small Cup Size
  • And small cups size wins here also!

Whats with tWrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra sizehe fetish for a small cup size?? Does the bulging make your boobs look bigger? Or does it make your boob shrink?? It does nothing but make your appearance tacky… Period!

Wearing wrong bra size is a mistake most of the women do make… even if you do not wanna admit… Even those experienced women who have been wearing brassieres since as many as 20 years and more commit such blunders… ever wondered from where the quadra-boob syndrome or bunching up of cup thing comes from?? Barring exceptions!!

Bra tight for a small cup size

Seriously! Why is that so…. OK forget it! Lets concentrate on what effects a wrong size bra makes on your personality and even health-

Well its because every body demands attention in its own peculiar way. Your body shape, size. The simple formula that works while selecting your undergarments is –  you better try before you buy!!

But that’s not the only criteria.. you don’t really know what suits you best… Lets me tell you what things you need to keep in mind while sele ting your bra.

body shape, Bra size

What if You Continue Wearing A Wrong Size!

We really do not have any dearth of diseases and complications many face for various reasons. Even if you cut out reasons and causes of many a diseases wearing a wrong bra size is the most ridiculous one for suffering from one… don’t you think?? Yeah a wrong bra size can cause you wrong posture. In fact health hazards like especially breast cancer can e tracked back due to wrong bra. Not only this, health issues such as back pain, headaches, breast pain may occur which can get complicated if not treated at right time.

The Health Hazards Or Side Effects Behind It-

Wearing an ill fitting bra can cause you much harm right from certain body pains to difficulties in breathing. Below are mentioned few of them-

  • Difficulty in Breathing- If you are wearing tight fitting bra or if you find the under-wire of it not fitting properly, than you may suffer from breathing problems.
  • Back Pain- Your risk for pain in the back would increase more if the under band of your bra chokes your back.
  • Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra size
  • Indigestion- This may sound so un-related, but yes, you may have a poor digestive system if you wear tight bras as it obstructs the system!!
  • Poor Posture- You may hunch or even slouch due to imperfect bras… doesn’t look ladylike!!
  • Breast Pain- Due to low circulation of blood caused by ill fitting bras, toxins form in your body leading you to breast cancer… Around 70% of women in the world suffer from breast cancer due to ill fitting bras. That’s seriously bad!

I don’t think I need to dwell more on the side effects of wearing an ill fitted wrong sized bra.

So girls, ask yourself… is not it a better idea to switch to a perfect fit rather than expose yourself to so many devious health conditions?? My advice is to go and check out all the options market offers… yeah shopping is on my check list!


Buying Right Brassieres… All You Need to Know!

After viewing different collection of brassieres in the market I feel so uninformed about my collections of lingerie. When it comes to buying bras, often girls like me forget what colors they have and what kinds of bras they should chose? Basically we are clueless… Do you know that? If I start discussing about positive aspects of buying bras…you won’t imagine how long the discussion could go…

Lingerie are considered vital part of your outfit not because it makes you look young, peppy and attractive but it provides firmness to your breasts. You should know that bras are worn especially to provide shape, support and stability to woman’s breast.

If you buy a wrong bra, remember you will have higher risks of having back ache and your breast will sag and show wrinkles. Since the problem is the selection f bra.. so we give you some essential tips to never overlook while selecting lingerie.

bra closeup

  • Go for a Professional Fitting-  The foremost thing you have to do while buying bra is to get a professional fitting. You must have realized that many women wear wrong size bra and they don’t even know it. If you get a professional fitting of a bra, you know what size you exactly need. You will get free bra fittings if you buy from a store or repute. Many reputed stores including Victoria’s Secret offer professional bra fitting measurements… though this may dig deep your pockets… but its worth the investment once in a while!
  • Try it.. Hunt for the Right Fit- The best way to select the right fitting bra is to try it. Unfortunately we do not get many places where we can try lingeries without having the fear of someone on the loop watching! But if you do get the opportunity, seize it by hook or by crook.
  • Make Sure That You Check The Back Band- I hope you know the fact that back band of a lingerie provides 90% of the support. So before buying, ensure that you check the back band that is supporting your breasts. The bra fitting should be firm and comfortable. If you find back-band loose then it will cause your breast to sag.
  • Say No to Under-wire Bras- If you have under wire bras in your wardrobe, then dump it anywhere! It is useless. No doubt underwired bra provides you with softness and comfortable, but these bras does not provide support. Non underwire bra can be comfortable but it should have correct fitting.
  • Choose Bra Exhibiting Functionality And Sex Appeal- It’s a belief that if your bra is functional, then it does not look sexy. Similarly if your bra is sexy then it’s no more functional. Believe me you can get bra offering both sexual and functional properties. All you have got to do is check out for quality.. by default, quality comes at a price… and this can be quite a deterrent while shopping for lingeries!
  • Avoid Sports Bra- Sports bra is the bra you need while playing tennis or going out for the gym. But if you want to buy bra for casual purposes make sure that you avoid this type. Even if you are buying a sports bra, make sure that this bra supports your breasts instead of compressing them!!


Lets digress a bit.. you know what kinda bra you need to bu.. but what he hell is a push up bra… lets douse the curiosity!

Push Up Bras and the Regular Ones!!

out of several other options, a choice between a push up bra and the regular one is the most defining one. Push up bras are the ones which give you an enhanced look by pushing up your breasts on the cleavage and giving them a voluminous look while regular bras do not push your breasts up. They only support your breast to give them the regular and natural look.

The regular bras have no padding or any other push up facilitator as these are meant for regular wear in the daily lives. These are meant for the support purpose only. The push- up bra on the other hand, is especially designed to support your breasts along with pushing it up to a larger cup size. Your breasts look larger and fuller with these types of bras while the regular ones do not manipulate the appearance of your breasts.

Wrong Bra Size – Get Over Your Bra Mistakes Now|bra size

What Should I Choose?

Choosing the correct bra for you is certainly difficult if you are not aware of the essentials. Therefore decide on the basis of looks that you want to get for your breasts. If you want fuller,  voluminous and pushed up look for your bust then you can go for push up bras but if you don’t want to attract attention to your breasts then regular bras are a perfect switch for you!

Does the Size Matter?

Of course it does!! The push- up bras go best for those women who have small cup size and thus want an enhanced look while women with fuller breasts look their best in the regular bras that best suit their outfits.

No need to get confused now as you know well which one to buy!!

Common Bra Mistakes You Make!!

Seriously womania!! There is so much that needs to be explained from the scratch!!

Issued in Public Welfare-

work out bra

Bra Mistakes to Avoid-

  • Never wash a bra is a washing machine, especially the puffy, padded, wired ones. It clumps the material or the wire gets either dented or de-shaped… the bra is gonna get useless!
  • Dryer… no way!! Drying up those lacy, padded bras in a drier is worse than mowing you pooch under your stilettos!! Drier saps the bra from its original shape and you cant really imagine it working to support, pep up or beautify your cleavage!
  • Hand wash your bras. Gentle handwashing, keeps your bra soft, snug and increases its longevity… expensive bra care, you see…  of course I know how it hurts to drown huge bucks to buy a nice lacy bra and them dump it into a washing machine!!
  • Stop wearing the same bras forever!! Boyfriends change, children grow, weather change… now change your bra too… even if it was your favorite piece! Your bra is not Alok Nath that it was born a “babuji” and die a “babuji”!
  • Hahahahaha…. gross
  • Weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, breast feeding… phases come and go in life… your breasts fitting change, and hence bra measurements are bound to change  every 6 months to a year… keep your self body updated!! I wanted to carry on with thebabuji joke… but repetition will lose its humor… though its a good one!!
  • Please don’t wear the worn out clumpy bras, its shows off though your clothes!! whatever fancy garments you chose to wear!


Right Way To Wear A Bra!!

Many a women so not really know how to wear a bra… Now please don’t give me the same rolling eye look.. its true darling… again I can quote statistics!! anyways, so yes there is indeed a right and a wrong way to wear a bra.

I don’t wanna discuss the wrong way to wear it given that the right way is what I am gonna discuss here!

  1. A regular bra has arm holes that you need to slide though arms.
  2. Now position your breasts into the cups.
  3. Do this by bending about 2 feet low while standing. This way you can position your breasts tissues in the cups better.
  4. Clasp all the hooks. Better use bra with more than one hook, that does not get unhooked as the wrong moment.
  5. Make sure no breast tissues are bulging around the sides or spilling out
  6. Check for smoothness. Your breast and your bra cup should not feel bumpy.


Hope this helps you wear it the right way and not feel itchy or bumpy all the way! But then if you have not selected the right bra while buying one… the hard work is going to spell doom!

You Do You!

Of course, wearing so-called “right” bra is NOT mandatory… apparently a wrong bar only makes your breast size look either smaller than its actually is or larger! But if you can continue wearing a “wrong” size comfortably… like you have been, kudos to you… no helping! If you wanna go bra-less, go for it super women


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