Speed up your hair growth

Speed up your hair growth

If it seems like your hair takes all the time in the world to grow then see it as a sign of the need to take better care of your hair. While the amount of time your hair takes to grow is affected by factors like diet and genetics there are still steps you can take to ensure some improvement.

Scalp care
Regular head wash and massage is extremely important to promote hair growth. Massaging the scalp leads to better circulation and regular washing ensures that your hair is free from any residue, dirt or dead skin cells.

Hair food
Every time you spot a pimple on your face, you make it a point to resolve it by applying some face mask or cream. In the same manner your hair also needs to be shown some love. Try to oil your hair regularly or apply hair masks and conditioners for achieving hair that’s shiny and long.

Hair styling
The way we style our hair tends to have an impact on our hair growth. It is even believed that constantly combing your hair in one direction and styling your ponytail in the same manner everyday leads to hair loss. An overdose of styling products and heat exposure can have a negative impact on one’s hair.

Regulate stress
Stress can easily take a toll on your hair growth so if you are prone to taking stress then start meditating and exercising actively for happier mental health.

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