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DNewsCafe : Princess at Large 2 (医 妃 难 囚 II) is a Chinese Drama.  The second season of the drama Princess at Large is the story about Ji Xianyun returning to modern times. He learned that Qi Yunxiao had also arrived in the modern era. Because Ji Xian Yu was told to have died, he re-wrote the story line again but he returned with a different body.

Synopsis of Princess at Large 2 Chinese Drama

Continuation of Princess At Large’s first season, Ji Xian Yu (Kira Lu) returned from the dead and returned to the side of Crown Prince Qi Lian Xiao. Only this time, she has the appearance of Lan Ruo Xi. To approach her and recognize her.

Lan Ruo Xi became an Emperor medical officer with exceptional medical skills. However, due to the loss of his wife, Lian Xiao has changed and he continues to hide from Ruo Xi’s good intentions. Finally, with the efforts of Ruo Xi and his friends, Lian Xiao believes that Ruo Xi is Ji Xian Yu and they can make peace. But, with war looming over the enemy, will he choose his love or country?

Detail of Princess at Large 2 Wiki

Chinese Drama Princess at Large 2
Year 2020
Star Cast Sheng Ying Hao and Kira Lu/ Lu Yi Xuan
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Country China
Language Chinese
Release Date 9th January, 2020
End Date 27th  February, 2020
Season 1
No of Episodes 15
Also Known As 医 妃 难 囚 II / Yi Fei Nan Qiu
Days / Airs on Thursday and Friday
Network / Platform / Watch Online iQiyi
Director Li Shuang Bin

Cast of 医 妃 难 囚 II Princess at Large 2 Chinese Drama

Chen Shuo, Gao Han are back playing this season and next season. New players are Luo Jun Fan and Levin Gao. You can watch this drama directly on the iQiyi Web, but there are Eng subtitles.

Character – Actor, ctress Real Name Chinese Drama

  • Sheng Ying Hao as Qi Yuanxiao
  • Kira Lu/ Lu Yi Xuan as Ji Xianyun
  • Gao Han as Gu Xifeng
  • Chen Shuo as Ming Yue
  • Luo Jun Fan as Nalan Baichuan
  • Wang Mei Qi as Min Qincheng
  • Gao Yang
  • Deng Shi Yun
  • Zhou Ti Shun

医 妃 难 囚 II Princess at Large 2 Release Date and Timings

Princess at Large 2 (医 妃 难 囚 II) airs from January 9, 2020 on the iQiyi drama web channel. The first season, starring Yang An Qi, this time the second season of the beautiful actress Kira Lu became the main digestion of women who played the character of Ji Xian Yun. For the cast Xi Ling Xiao is still the same, again played by actor Sheng Ying Hao.

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