Hey! Are you in love? So, you might need to know how to build a perfect love story. To be honest, the irony is, no love story or relationship can ever be perfect but it is true to be the fact that it can always be better than the previous moment.

We meet a lot of people in our day to day life and also make friends. The ever growing social media sites also have helped a lot to make relations between people who are far from each other.

At least once in life, we find someone with whom we want to grow old and we call them our soulmate. We build relationships with them and everything seems going smoothly in the beginning. But in the long run, consequences arise.

There are some of the key factors that we must do and some factors that should not be done to build a better, stronger & healthy love story.


1) Understanding: The first and foremost thing for a healthy relationship is that the partners must have an understanding of each other’s thoughts. They must respect their partner’s decision and understand that if something is done then what’s the reason behind it.

2) Patience: Life has ups and downs and so is with any love story. A time comes when things go down and one of the or both the partners faces frequent mood swings. This interrupts their understanding capability. So, patience is what needs to be kept in these situations. One must try to stay calm and deal with whatever comes to trouble them.

3) Pamper/Support: Everyone faces problems in their life related to anything. Some may have work stress or family problems or problems of love and many more. One must understand their partner & pamper and support them. Make them feel that whatever happens they are with them even in the worst of the situations.

4) Time: Time is the most crucial factor in any relationship. Everyone has their own life and responsibilities but one must pick out some time from their busy schedule and spend it with their loved ones. People say that they don’t have time but actually it’s an excuse for those who don’t want to take out time. If someone is your priority then you will definitely find some or the other way to spend quality time with your loved one.

5) Trust: It is another important aspect in a love story. If you don’t trust, you can’t respect and if you can’t respect then everything will fail; no or less understanding, lack of patience and eventually your relationship will go through a downfall. Trust your partner. Make them feel that you are proud of what they do and just support them if what they do is right. Moreover, correct them if they are wrong in a humble manner.


1) Interruption: Everyone wants to live their life the way they want to. Interrupting them or snatching their freedom or putting restrictions may weaken the bond between two partners. Instead, it is to be done if your partner goes in a wrong path, make them realise and analyse their mistakes instead of interrupting them or scolding them. This makes them feel that you are saving them from a wrong direction and always wish for their welfare.

2) Availability: Don’t always be available for your partner. Yeah it seems rude but the fact behind is that if you will be over available then you’ll lose your importance in their lives. They’ll start taking you for granted and you’ll end up feeling toxic. Be available in their bad times or even good times but focus on your welfare too.

3) Mind reader: Don’t expect your partner to always be a mind reader. If something is bothering you then do communicate. It will help you to express yourself and feel light and also your partner will be able to understand you more and the fact is communication helps a lot in creating a strong base to any love story.

4) Lies: Every relationship should be honest. A lie may break the trust between you two. Both partners should be comfortable and feel free to express whatever they feel. Lie takes place when one is not comfortable to confess the truth. This should be worked upon and honesty should be served to the extent it doesn’t hurt your partner.

5) Public Private relationship: Your love story is only yours and your partner’s. Not everyone needs to know what’s going on between you two. People with a negative mindset or unhappy feelings may interrupt or create misunderstandings between you two. This negativity for your relationship is toxic and harmful. Keep it private, try to build memories and not a matter to show everyone.

These were the basic and essential key areas to be worked upon. There are many more things that can be done and that should not be done in a love story but it will be better if you figure it out on your own.

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