Everyday we come across new thoughts. thoughts of calmness, tiredness, love, hatred and many more. Before proceeding further I would like the audience to take a deep breath, calm yourself and just read the following text slowly as something like whispering.

The season of calmness, freshness and love is going to start soon. I am talking about the rainy season. The droplets of water falling from the sky gives a beautiful virtue of sensations regarding inner happiness.

Those tiny water droplets, when they touch the earth, mesmerise everything and everyone with its beauty. Being with someone you love in such a beautiful situation makes you feel exaggerated.

Just think, try to explore your thoughts in various life situations. Dig deeper and you’ll find something exciting in you. A rainy day in which the rain with its crystal water droplets falling everywhere & you sitting with your partner in an open space and you can see greenery all around that soothes your eyes. You both hold each other’s hand and look into the beautiful bluish sky. You both play with each other’s hairs that are wet due to the rainfall. Suddenly, you catch your partner’s eye and at the same time she also catches yours and you both start looking into each other’s eyes and just get locked in the deepest of your partner’s thoughts which their eyes are reflecting. the lost feelings in the eyes makes you both come closer and closer. And finally you both experience of beautiful moment together.

How beautiful imaginations can be? They might not be true but they always give you a soothing feeling which helps you to face your reality.

Nature is beautiful itself and the love and support of our life, If he or she is a part of our imagination while observing nature then I don’t think you can deny the beauty of what you analyzed at the end.

The voice of rain falling in the ground just satisfies your ears and the smell of soil during rainfall satisfies the sense of your smell. The vivid picturesque created by those tiny water droplets always amazes you when it meets the beauty of nature on earth. Moreover, the rainfall refreshes most of your senses which helps you to get opened up to your thoughts.

Walking through the streets covered with trees on the sides and the rain just falling,oh my God! It really helps you to relax. Every year after summer and autumn, when this rainy season arrives the nature itself dances with happiness. The tree leaves flow with the breeze, the grasses get wet and then the texture of green colour which can be seen is like heaven.

Rainfall connects the sky and earth and it’s like the connection of two heavenly bodies with abundant beauty. It not only calms the mood of living creatures but also relaxes the mother earth which gets heated during summer from the raging rays of sun.

Just imagine travelling with your loved one and suddenly rainfall occurs.You two are love birds and did not hesitate to enjoy those water droplets touching the edge of your skin and embracing your personality. The scenic view all around you and the loveliness of your partner would make a paradise for you.

There are so many human gestures that can make the beauty of nature extravaganza. Chirping of birds along with the chirp of you two love birds would emphasize the creamy layer of your happiness.

Life doesn’t always run smoothly but the positivity inside you can give you a sense of living happily. Nature and its processes embrace the positivity inside us and help us to get relieved.

Being a human one must not pray for good conditions but for the power and strength to face the downfall and uplift everything again.

Chuckling against your problems may help you to get confident to face them.

Life is like rain, it gives you a cooling effect immediately after you get heated up the most by your problems. Express yourself time-to-time like cloud does. Whenever they feel heavy from inside, they just express it through rain and eventually gives a way to clear bright sky.

Let yourself flow like water does. Flow with peace or make noise, its all your choice; but just don’t stop yourself from being you. Love yourself and you’ll feel the meaning of getting pampered by love. Give a meaning to your life. Live to the fullest and get yourself a proud life.

Conclusively, if you feel it difficult to express then get help from the nature. You’ll observe a number of ways in which it expresses itself and so, it’ll surely help you to find your way of expressing.

Stay calm and happy & love everything you like. Take your time but be the best version of yourself.

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