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DNewsCafe :  Everyone is seeing the attraction torwards cryptocurrency market.  Cryptocurrency is attracting investors and as well as founders of cryptocurrency who are launching their own cryptocurrency in the market.  Recently, One of the promising coin named Cartesi Coin whose symbol is CTSI Coin has recently become popular in the crypto world.  In India, it is also one of the popular cryptocurrency on WazirX.

What is Cartesi Coin (CTSI Coin)?

Cartesi is a layer-2 infrastructure for blockchains that allows developers to code highly scalable smart contracts with mainstream software stacks on a Linux VM. Cartesi uses a combination of rollups and side-chains. They move the complex logic of their dApps to portable off-chain components.  The developers create smart contracts and dApps with mainstream software stacks.  Cartesi’s side-chain is optimized for ephemeral data.  It provides low-cost data availability to DApps.

A combination of rollups and side-chains is used by Cartesi CTSI Coins.

CTSI Price Prediction

It is difficult to predict any cryptocurrency price.  However, experts always try to predict the accurate price.  In this way, we have come here to bring the price prediction for CTSI cryptocurrency.

At present, the CTSI Coin price stands at $0.4698 or INR 35.563 as per WazirX. As per Digital Coin prediction Price of CTSI can be up to $0.67070812 USD in 2021, and it may be $0.86 in 2022.  If you go for long term minimum 5 years, then the price could be $1.5 in 2025. As per Wallet Investor predicts, price of CTSI Coins can be up to $1.77 in one year and up to $6.92 at the end of 2026.  They are no doubt giving a highly optimistic prediction. As per Trading Beasts, Cartesi price can be up to $0.67 in 2021.

How to buy CTSI Coin?

You can buy CTSI Coins can be purchased from crypto exchanges around the world. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrency exchange are just like the stock market exchanges.

Where to buy CTSI Coins in India?

In India, you can buy CTSI Coin on WazirX many other crypto exchanges. Internationally, CTSI Coin could be bought in large exchanges such as

  • Binance
  • Huobi Global
  • Upbit
  • HitBTC
  • Coinbase

Exchange users can purchase CTSI Coin in exchange for stable coins like USDT or Bitcoin or even their own country’s fiat currency through bank transfer.

How much CTSI Currency is in circulation?

337,457,353.85 CTSI Coins

What is the Total or Maximum Supply of CTSI Coins?

1,000,000,000 CTSI Coins

What is the trading price of CTSI Coins?

$.47484 USD

Facts about CTSI

  • CTSI cryptocurrency coin is a utility token that works as a crypto-fuel for Noether.
  • CTSI rewards are given to stakers  for staking their tokens and participating in the network.
  • A PoS system select the Node runners randomly and the right to create the next block is given to them.
  • When users of the network insert data on the side-chain, they have to pay CTSI fees.
  • CTSI coins plays an important role with Descartes Rollups.
  • DApps use CTSI Coins to outsource the execution of verifiable and enforceable computation to entities running Descartes nodes.

Large scalability

Cartesi CTSI Coins enables million-fold computational scalability, data availability of large files and low transaction costs. All while preserving the strong security guarantees of the underlying blockchain.

Privacy guarantees

Cartesi allows for decentralized games where players conceal their data and Enterprise applications that run on sensitive data, preserving privacy on DApps.


Cartesi is a blockchain-agnostic.  It almost runs on maximum of the most important chains.

Who Are the Founders of Cartesi?

High profile backgrounds, real-world experience at top companies such as Microsoft Research, and PhD’s from top universities like ETH Zurich and Princeton are in the team for creating the Cartesi CTSI Coins.  They are professionals, researchers and engineers extremely excited to create and implement novelty in the blockchain space.

Augusto Teixeira

Augusto Teixeira is academic co-author with Serguei Popov, the founder of IOTA.

Serguei became one of Cartesi’s earliest investors and advisors. Augusto had the original idea of creating a trustless AI marketplace for data scientists.

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