On 8 August 2020, the makers released the first promo of the season on Colors TV.[4] Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the promos were shot at Salman Khan’s farmhouse.[5] 8 days later, a second promo was released on Colors TV.[6] The third promo was released on 29 August 2020.[7] The fourth promo was released on 13 September 2020 revealing the date of ‘Grand Premiere’.[8]

The border of eye is dark yellow with red background. Blue or purple electric lines come from middle of eye and join with yellow dots which are set in inner side of border which is made to appear like a wire. Each dot is connected with three lines which joined the big center iris of blue color with yellow bob.

Housemates status

Housemate Day entered Day exited Status
Abhinav Day 1 Nominated
Eijaz Day 1 Nominated
Jaan Day 1 Nominated
Jasmin Day 1 Nominated
Nikki Day 1 Safe
Nishant Day 1 Nominated
Pavitra Day 1 Safe
Rahul Day 1 Nominated
Rubina Day 1 Nominated
Sara Day 1 Nominated
Shehzad Day 1 Nominated


The participants in the order of appearance and entered in house are:


Fresher (Original entrants)


Weekly summary

Week 1 Entrances On Day 1, Eijaz, Nikki, Abhinav, Rubina, Jasmin, Nishant, Shehzad, Sara, Jaan, Pavitra and Rahul entered the Bigg Boss House.
Also, Gauahar, Hina and Sidharth entered the Bigg Boss House.
Entrance Twist BBQ

Gauahar, Hina and Sidharth were given a task in which they will decide who is going to enter the house and who will be rejected.

Result & Punishment

Eijaz, Nikki, Abhinav, Jasmin, Shehzaad, Pavitra and Rahul were selected whereas Rubina, Nishant, Sara and Jaan was rejected by them.Rejected contestants will not allowed to enter the house they will stay in rejected zone which was made in Garden Area.

Task Entry Pass

On Day 2, Bigg Boss asked Seniors to give task to rejected contestants and to allow them enter the house if they completed them. In Round 1 Rubina was asked to wear the same dress for a whole week but she denied to do it, Nishant was asked to wear bikini on his Tshirt for whole week and he accepted to do it, Sara was asked to cut her hair till shouders which she did and was exempted, and Jaan was asked to hold weight at shoulder line for a minute which he did. In round 2 Rubina was asked to eat full bowl of chillies to enter the house and she could not fulfilled their wish, Nishant was asked to write Rejected on his forehead for whole week also when he would see any Senior he would say “I Was Rejected” to them he accepted to do it , Jaan was asked to cut his long hairs in mohawk challenge which he did, Sara was asked to hold weight at shoulder line for a minute which she could not do. Later Bigg Boss told 4 Rejected Contestants to select worst performer in this task.

Result & Punishment

Rubina was selected as Worst Performer due to which she remained Rejected Housemate & other 3 entered house.

Nomination On Day 3, it was announced that all contestant is going to be nominated. However they can provide themself immunity by winning tasks which will be given to them.Jewel Thief

On Day 3, first immunity task for week 1 was announced in which Gauahar and Hina will be a princess and they have to give jewellery to a male housemate whom they were impressed with and the female housemate have to stole the jewellery. At the end who will get most number of jewellery will win the task.

Result & Punishment

Abhinav collect more than 20 jewellery and hence he won the task and was save from eviction. Other housemate have to do next immunity task.

Sid’s Island

On Day 4, the next immunity task announced, all the girls will have to fight to impress senior Siddharth and only one will emerge victoriously. In the first round, the girls will have to impress Siddharth, who will own a tattoo booth. One girl would be eliminated after the round. In the next round, Siddharth will ride an ATV while the girls will clean it pretending to be in a music video. The three girls that survive both rounds will get trays filled with glasses. Each girl will have to protect their glasses and at the end of the task, Siddharth will decide whose glass has the most liquid and that girl will win the task.

Result & Punishment

In first round, Sidharth removed Sara and thus, she can not perform the next round of task.

Other Abhinav is given the option to let go of his immunity to make his wife Rubina erase the rejected status and enter the house.Result & Punishment

Abhinav refuses the offer and Rubina remains a rejected member.


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